Having been inspired by Dr. Cathy Schubert’s story, Senior Honors Scholar Kallie Scott invited her to speak with fellow classmates on the challenges, rewards, and aspirations of being a female in the field of medicine. 

 Kallie Scott (right) with Dr. Cathy Schubert (left) after the lyceum event. 

Kallie Scott (right) with Dr. Cathy Schubert (left) after the lyceum event. 

Kallie Scott, a senior Honors Scholar, recently invited a mentor and inspiration of hers, Dr. Cathy Schubert, to Emory & Henry to speak about the joys and challenges of being a female medical professional. Dr. Schubert is Chief of Geriatrics at Indianapolis VA Medical Center and is a member of the Board of Trustees. The event was comprised of a catered dinner for Dr. Schubert, interested students and local physicians from the community followed by the presentation. Dr. Schubert spoke about the challenging aspects of her career and of the balance that many women have to perfect in order to pursue a career in medicine.

Kallie hopes that the lyceum gave students a chance to ask questions of a successful professional in their field of interest, especially female students who are looking into a career in a medical profession. She was hopeful that students would be inspired by Dr. Schubert’s stories of career success. The idea for the lyceum was inspired by Kallie’s prior conversations with Dr. Schubert and other professionals who gave her the chance to learn from their successes, a chance she wished to share with others on the pre-health track.

Of the process, Kallie notes that it was “a great way to open an event to the campus community.” She explains that the process of planning the event was a long one beginning with finding a speaker and inviting her chosen presenter to campus. She collaborated with multiple faculty members to find a sponsor for the event and create her proposal, which had to be approved before detailed planning could begin. Once the event was scheduled, she was tasked with creating interest and attracting students who were curious about the information to be shared. Kallie hopes that this event will spark the presentation of others in a similar style, such as women in fields like law.

The event was a great success. Kallie found that “[Dr. Schubert’s] words of advice seemed to have provided encouragement and inspiration to a number of students.”

Article & Photography by: Jessica Myer ‘18