Honors Projects

Class of 2017

Jackson Feezell: Honors in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Border Voices: Cross-Border Identity in North West Ulster

Jessica Richardson: Interdisciplinary Honors

Determining NBA Success in 140 Characters of Less

Class of 2016

Katherine Bordwine: Honors in Sociology and Political Science

Constructing Collective Memory: The Confederate Flag and Its Consequences in Saltville, Virginia

Tenesha Conner: Honors in Psychology

Systemic Administration of IGF-II Facilities Memory Enhancement in Rats With Decreased TrkB Receptor Activity in the Brain

Timothy Coulter: Honors in Chemistry

Exploring the Use of Aerogels and Xerogels as Optical Vapor Phase Chemical Sensors

Ferris Ellis: Honors in Mathematics and Physics

Compose DB

Aaron Foster: Honors in Political Science and Management

The Role of Dark Money in Congressional Elections

Taylor Guardalabene: Honors in Athletic Training

Rehabilitation and Outcomes in Division III Baseball Pitchers: A Case Series

Haley McLean: Honors in Mathematics

Fractional Foundations: Exploring the Relationship Between a Conceptual and Procedural Understanding of Fractions and Success in Algebra

Rachael Sharp: Honors in Political Science and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Targeted Killings and Signature Strikes: An Ethical Analysis

John Speight: Honors in Athletic Training

The Risk of Groin Injuries in Male Soccer Athletes Relative to Torso and Femural Length-to-Height Ratios and Their Association With Balance

Forrest Williams: Honors in English Literature

Searching for a Voice: The Beginning of a Kunstlerroman


Athena Demas: Honors in History, Political Science

First Generation College Students: Understanding the Challenges Faced by Appalachians

Jarrett Dunning: Candidate for Honors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Misunderstanding Marshall: Commerce Power & Faction

Anna Dye: Candidate for Honors in Sociology, Mass Communications

#EHC: How Emory & Henry Students Engage with Emory & Henry through Twitter

Mary Grace Hankins: Candidate for Honors in Chemistry

Triclosan Measurements in the Three Forks of the Holston River in Southwest Virginia

Sarah Hawsey: Interdisciplinary Honors

Endometriosis Treatment: A Call for Improvement

Eli Holmes: Candidate for Honors in History

Maori Meet Pakeha: Melding Disparate Cultures From First Contact to Modern New Zealand

Linda Hurley: Candidate for Honors in Math

Epimorphisms in the Category of Locales

Kaitlyn McNabney: Honors in Political Science, French

A Discourse Analysis of the “War on Terror” and Its Political Implications

Kallie Scott Metz: Honors in Biology

Presentation of Disease Information in Genetic Testing

Isaac Short: Candidate for Honors in Religion

Father, Son, Paraclete: Proto-Trinitarian Doctrine in the Johannine Farewell Discourse

Tamasin Swoap: Candidate for Honors in History, Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies

The Physical Other: A Picture of Edward Said’s Oriental


Carter Aylor: Honors in History

Jedediah Hotchkiss: Pioneer of the New South

Colin Christensen: Honors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

A Man’s Gun is his Castle: Reexamining the Implications of Incorporating the Second Amendment

Cole Conley: Honors in Economics, Math

Top of the Order: Modeling the Optimal Locations of Minor League Baseball Teams

Sydney England: Honors in Sociology

Check Here: A Critique of Normative Linguistic Survey Construction

Gentry Hamrick: Honors in Psychology

Studying how the effects of Wilderness Therapy on Anxiety and Depression can be Applied in the Public School System

Anne Marie McLean: Honors in Religion, Political Science

The Nazi Christ: A Portrait of the Third Reich’s ‘Historical’ Jesus

Mary Ruth Pruitt: Honors in Studio Art, English Literature

The Rodentiad

Stacy Sivinski: Honors in English

If the Slipper Fits: An Examination of Clothing as a Source of Identity and Social Mobility in the Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm 

Charles Smith: Honors in Political Science, History

Christianity's Rise and Influence in Constantine's Roman Empire

Class of 2013

Hai Yan Chen: Honors in International Studies and Business

Cultures Matter: A Case against Market Positioning Standardization

Hannah Claytor: Honors in Economics

Alaska Pebble Project: Environmental Impacts and Socio-Economic Analysis of Open Pit Mining

Jessie Daddio: Honors in Creative Communications

Weekend Warrior: Exploring the Adventure Psyche

Ashley Ebersole: Honors in Athletic Training

Rehabilitation Following an Ankle Open Reduction and Internal Fixation Operation in a Patient with Possible Decreased Bone Density from an Early Onset Auto-Immune Connective Tissue Disorder: A Case Study

Kellie Flaherty: Honors in Biology

The Effects of Microbial Communities on Water Filtration Systems at North Anna Nuclear Power Plant Lousia, VA

Sarah Goldwasser: Honors in English

Pseudo-Intellectual Pleasure Seekers: The Incompatibility of Humanism and Hedonism in Aldous Huxley’s Crome Yellow and Brave New World

Rayce Lamb: Honors in History - Social Science Education

Success Defined by Power: Lady Bird Johnson and National Beautification

Eryn Reece: Honors in English

The Death of the Moor: Failed Resolutions of the Racial Other in Titus Andronicus and Othello

Marty Stiles: Honors in Environmental Studies

Comparative River Restoration Approaches: Dam Removal and Monitoring: A Latitudinal Analysis of Three Case Studies

Mary Beth Tignor: Honors in Environmental Science, Public Policy and Community Service

Farmers Market Trends: A case study of the Glade Spring Farmers Market