An enriching experience, the honors project is incorporated into our Honors Program curriculum to help you succeed…

Honors Program Scholars who intend to graduate with the College Honors Diploma must successfully complete a senior honors project during the spring of their senior year. The honors project is an extensive senior project that allows students the opportunity to pursue an in–depth exploration of an area of interest with the guidance of faculty mentors. Consequently, students learn high–level research methods and gain the ability to design and implement an original research project that prepares them for graduate school and their career. 


Our Scholars are prepared from day one for the senior honors project research process. We provide our students the freedom to design the syllabus of their Transitions I (freshmen seminar) course, followed by self–crafted projects throughout their tenure as Honors Scholars.  The opportunity to complete Honors Contracts on upper–level courses in fields of interest allows our students to explore a wide range of possible projects. In addition, we provide a 1 credit Honors Thesis Seminar to second-semester juniors.  This seminar provides them with opportunities to hone their research questions, develop experimental models, build a bibliography, write funding proposals - all the knowledge that is necessary to start their major research project.  Seniors work on their projects during both semesters of their final year to provide advice and support during their completion of the project. Seniors register for 490 (fall) and 491 (spring) for 3–6 credits each to build time into their schedules to meet with their adviser(s) and work on their projects. Scholars will then defend their theses to their committee at the end of their studies to have their work approved as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Honors Diploma. 


  Martin Stiles  is a M.S. Candidate in Freshwater Biology at Northern Arizona University. 

Martin Stiles is a M.S. Candidate in Freshwater Biology at Northern Arizona University. 

The honors thesis writing process helped to shape my understanding of science writing and is what got me to where I am today.
— Martin Stiles ‘13



Upon successful completion of an Honors Project, Scholars will have worked closely with professionals in their field to complete the most strenuous aspect of earning an Honors Diploma at Emory & Henry. Scholars will also have tangible evidence of their research abilities and expertise in their field of study that can be used on graduate school applications or to impress future employers. This high–level project can be presented at conferences or submitted for publishing, which, if successful, further illustrates the scholar’s notable expertise and abilities.