Our Honors Program is designed to help you succeed and make your impact on the world. 

The Emory & Henry Honors Program inducted its first class of 16 students in Fall 2009, and our first cohort graduated with the college’s first Honors Diplomas in May 2013. Over these first six years of the Emory & Henry College Honors Program, we have grown to include around 100 current Honors Program Scholars and over 60 Honors Program Alumni from eighteen different states and two foreign countries. Our Honors Program is intentionally open to students with a wide range of intellectual interests and boasts majors from every undergraduate department at the college. 

Our Mission

  • Provide challenges for students who possess extraordinary intellectual promise, a strong academic background, broad extracurricular interests, and leadership abilities. 
  • Offer unique academic opportunities to challenge students to think critically, logically, and creatively in order to realize their full potential, including the possibility of internships, externships, and undergraduate research.
  • Encourage service to the community, study abroad experiences, and involvement in the life of Emory & Henry College.
  • Strive to engage and develop exceptional students to serve as models in the college community and the lives of current and future generations. 

 Jessie at Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia. 

Jessie at Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia. 

During my time in the honors program, I was not only advised but encouraged to pursue my passions and to combine my academic pursuits with my extracurricular interests. Working with my cohort inspired me to set a high standard for my personal career and life ambitions and pushed me to think outside of the box.
— Jessie Daddio ‘13, Travel Editor, Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine

Our program is designed to challenge students to think critically, logically, and creatively so that they can not only do their best work, but also use what they’ve learned to help better the world around them. Kyle Boden, an Honors Program alumnus and recipient of the NCAA Walter Byars Scholarship, said, “As Honors students, our hope is that research conducted at Emory & Henry will help improve the lives of people around the world.”

The Honors Program at Emory & Henry, which is very competitive, offers an intellectual challenge that is more than just academics. We ask you to read difficult texts and to discuss them and their implications with the very brightest student colleagues in the country. We ask you to devise your own experiments and projects rather than just following the directions someone else provides for you. We ask you to take what you learn in classrooms, laboratories, and midnight discussions and to apply it to the life we live—whether on a community level or on a global scale.

We are looking for students who…

  • Challenge themselves to do their very best work

  • Achieve strong academic performance meaningful to themselves and others

  • Engage with local and global communities

  • Empower their peers, the community, and the world through leadership and service

The banner photograph is provided by Ferris Ellis, Class of 2016.