Determined and focused, Lauren is excited to work for the American Cancer Society. 

Lauren graduated from Emory & Henry in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Currently, she serves as the Coordinator, Division and Event Support for the American Cancer Society in Abingdon, VA.  Previously Lauren worked as the Assistant Director of International Education at E&H. She said, “I loved my time here at Emory & Henry that I just couldn't stay away.” Having studied abroad herself in her final semester at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Lauren says “working in International Education has been such a unique experience…it's very rewarding to help students achieve their dreams of international travel.” She recalls her first study abroad experience when she was sixteen. Lauren was nominated to travel to France, Italy, and Greece with the People to People Ambassador Programs

To Lauren, the most memorable and rewarding experience she had in the Honors Program was successfully defending her honors thesis. Despite being overwhelmed by the idea of writing a thesis her freshman year, she finished her thesis a semester in advance and was able to graduate a semester early. After months and months of work, Lauren said, “it was such an amazing feeling to have my professors’ approval.”

Who to better learn from than those who have experienced what you are experiencing now. Therefore, we used this opportunity to ask Lauren a few questions that you as a Senior in high school or a Freshman in college may have been wondering about yourself. 

Q: What was your research project? What made this a valuable experience?
A: My honors thesis was a quantitative research project entitled “Macro-level Gender Inequality and the International Household Division of Labor.” Essentially, I recreated a past study using current data to see if macro-level variables impacted the household division of labor on a family level in about 20 countries. My only other quantitative research experience was in Research Methods and this project definitely pushed me to learn more complex statistical programs. I definitely had my share of headaches from the process, but it was worth it to see my results come together in the end. 

Q: Would you change anything about your Emory & Henry experience?
A: I absolutely loved my time here at Emory & Henry! The only thing I would change is that I wish I hadn't been so eager to graduate early. Enjoy the time you have here-it passes so quickly on its own! 

Q: What advice would you give to first-year Honors Scholars?
A: Push yourself! Spend more time on those classes that just don't seem to interest you as much. Grapple with difficult questions. More importantly, ask for help. Reach out to your professors, mentors, and classmates. We're lucky to have such a great community of people who are willing to help each other. 

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of being in the Honors Program?
A: Becoming lifelong friends with people who are passionate about learning. When you surround yourself with those who have that kind of motivation and drive, it's almost impossible not to feel the same.