Known for her positive & cheerful attitude, Katie Beth was selected as the 2014–2015 Homecoming Queen.

Katie Beth is currently studying History, Political Science, and Sociology. She says that “it is [her] hope to eventually go to Law School to pursue a career in advocacy, but [she is] still working out the details.” There are many activities, events, and organizations that students can get involved with at Emory & Henry College, and Katie Beth plays a significant role in most of them. In addition to her involvement in the Honors Program, Katie Beth was elected the Vice President of the Student Government Association for the 2015-16 school year. She also serves as the President of the Calliopean Literary Society, Manager of the Lady Wasp Women’s Basketball Team, Supplemental Instructor of a Hip Hop Transitions course for first–years, Secretary of the Pre-Law Society, President of Sigma Upsilon Nu Social Sorority, and Sweetheart of Beta Lambda Zeta Social Fraternity. During what free time she has, Katie Beth also hosts a radio show on WEHC FM 90.7 called Our Place where she interviews students about their Emory & Henry experience. 

 Katie Beth walks down the football field with her escort, Wes Polly, to receive her homecoming award.

Katie Beth walks down the football field with her escort, Wes Polly, to receive her homecoming award.

Emory & Henry has given me many opportunities to take part in a wide array of activities I would not be able to had I chosen another school.
— Katie Beth Bordwine ‘16

We believe the best way to learn about our Honors Program is from our students. Therefore, we used this opportunity to ask Katie Beth some questions that you may have been wondering.

Q: Why did you choose Emory & Henry College?
A: I chose Emory & Henry because I am from a town only 15 minutes away from Emory, VA. I have been a Wasp since I was an infant with countless cousins, uncles, aunts, and other family members attending Emory & Henry.

Q: How did your involvement in the Honors Program influence your overall experience at Emory & Henry?
A: The Honors Program has definitely benefitted me beyond belief during my time at Emory & Henry. I have been challenged through the program, but I have also been tirelessly supported by all of the professors involved with the Honors Program, as well as its director, Dr. Lane, assistant director, Hai Yan Chen, my cohort, and all the other members of the program. The Honors Program gave me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, and be confident in my abilities inside and outside of the classroom.

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of being in the Honors Program?
A: When I came to college, I was very unsure of my abilities. I came from a very small school in Southwest Virginia, and I felt like I was so far behind my classmates that I did not belong in an Honors class. However, when I thought I was not capable, the Honors Program taught me that if I am willing to work hard, I can accomplish anything. The most rewarding aspect of the program for me, has been coming to the realization that I am prepared and capable of doing anything to which I set my mind.  

Q: What advice would you give to first–year Honors Scholars?
A: Do not give up! You’re going to be challenged. You’re going to have days when you feel inadequate. During times of trouble lean on your cohort members and the older members of the program. At Emory & Henry we truly are a family, and support each other. No matter what you’re going through in college, the Honors Program is there to support you, help you, and love you.