Her thirst for challenge brought Jessica to Emory & Henry College…

Jessica is a Senior Honors Scholar who is a Sociology and Mass Communication double major with a minor in French. She is passionate about photography and would like to continue her training and possibly pursue a career in the photography or photojournalism field. She is a trip leader for the Outdoor Program, work study of the Honors Program Office, and a self-employed photographer. Additionally, she plays the flute in the Emory & Henry Band.

We believe the best way to learn about our Honors Program is from our students. Therefore, we used this opportunity to ask Jessica some questions that you may have been wondering.

Q: Why did you choose Emory & Henry College?
A: In my search for colleges, Emory & Henry was the first to highlight the value of encouraging each student’s particular interest and inspiring them to pursue their goals. When I stayed overnight in the Spring, I discovered the welcoming and supportive atmosphere of the Honors Program and the college as a whole, and from then on Emory & Henry was my first choice.

Q: What is the Honors Program to you?
A: The Honors Program is an extra academic challenge that allows me to grow every day by testing my mind. It is also a hardworking group of people who are excited about education, and that is an invigorating environment to be a part of.

Q: How would you describe the character of the Honors Program?
A: The program is a community of scholars who are always seeking to challenge one another. Casual conversations range from intellectually profound to silly, and the atmosphere is one of immense support and encouragement of students to present their best selves at all times.

Q: How did your involvement in the Honors Program influence your overall experience at Emory & Henry?
A: Being involved in the Honors Program means making the transition into college life with an established group of both students and faculty who are ready to help you become successful. A community like this is rare and exceptional: it is an immediate immersion experience that raises the expectations for academics while at the same time increasing the quality of the support system and inspiring students to apply themselves. This has made my experience at Emory & Henry absolutely wonderful. I look forward each day to being engaged and challenged by my classes, and to spending time having fun with my friends in this marvelous group!