Her desire to combine her passion for Theatre and community outreach lead her to Northern Ireland. 

Jessica is a Theatre major who wants to pursue a career as a full-time Theatre practitioner, involved in both the creation and performance of new works. She has a profound interest in dance choreography, devised theatre, music, stilt walking, writing, travel, and yoga. Despite her busy schedule, Jessica is a member of Alpha Psi Omega National Honors Theatre Fraternity, EHC Wired, and The Ampersand (Art & Literary Magazine). Additionally, she founded the Outdoor Theatre. She said, “My long time goal is to found and run a experimental community theatre focused on creating new works to aid in the formation of positive community images.”

Her passion in Theatre also led her to Northern Ireland where she worked at the Big Telly Theatre Company in Portstewart as a Creative Arts Trainee. During her time there, she worked on various community outreach programs involving the creation of an immersive, participatory, adventure play called ISPY, workshops with children, planning and performing for nursing home family fun days, and much more. An impressive point we would like to make here is that Jessica also worked for her housing at a local youth hostel. 

We believe the best way to learn about our Honors Program is from our students. Therefore, we used this opportunity to ask Jessica some questions that you may have been wondering. 

Q: Why did you choose Emory & Henry College?
A: I chose Emory & Henry because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Although it was similar to the other schools I was looking at, my experience at scholarship day with the faculty and staff members stuck with me.

Q: How did your involvement in the Honors Program influence your overall experience at Emory & Henry?
A: Through the Honors Program, I’m encouraged to reach for my limits and independently continue my learning. Furthermore, the Honors Program gave me, and continues to give me, connections in and outside of Emory & Henry for internships and other opportunities. Most importantly it has given me another space within the college to make lifelong friendships and connections with students and professors outside my major.

Q: What advice would you give to first-year Honors Scholars?
A: I would advise first year Honors Scholars to not be afraid to make bold decisions. In your first year of college you and your intentions can change dramatically, and therefore it takes boldness to seize happiness.

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of being in the Honors Program?
A: The most rewarding aspect of being in the Honors Program so far has been the connections. Through a connection with a faculty member within the Honors Program, I was able to work for an innovative regional theatre in Northern Ireland, which will forever shape my professional goals as a theatre practitioner.