Wherever you are in the world, having a place to call home is an important thing to everyone. 

Weaver Hall and the recent addition of Cambridge House on the east side of campus overlooking the mountains is that special home for many of our Honors Scholars of all classes. Every Honors Program Scholar has the guarantee of being able to live in honors housing if they desire, and there are reasons why so many do. 

The Honors Residence Halls offer extended study hours, integrated study spaces, a full kitchen, laundry facilities, and a small library so that you can work where you live. You will share this space with both first-year and upper-class Honors Scholars who will share your academic interests and nurture your intellectual aspirations.  

Living in Weaver is a massive part of my honors program experience. For us, the discussion doesn’t cease when class ends. We continue important dialogues until all hours and are able to really foster a sense of strong intellectual community. The interactions in Weaver are so organic: on some nights you’ll find a study session in the hallway and on others you’ll find a bunch of people watching a movie in the lounge, or participating in a thought experiment. This unstructured sharing of ideas is so integral to our community and really exemplifies the heart of the honors program.
— Ali Hillman ‘17, Head Resident Advisor of Weaver Hall
Living in Cambridge is like living in an apartment. The building has a sense of community, but still offers independence and privacy within each suite. This feeling of solitude in your room and suite is my favorite part of living in Cambridge. It gives you a place to escape but still be surrounded by your roommate and suite-mates who support you and challenge you to maintain high academic performance. For me it was the development of this brotherhood between my roommate and suite-mates that has made Cambridge feel like home.
— Rafe Hagee '19

The banner photograph is provided by Ferris Ellis, Class of 2016.