Hai Yan's experience in the E&H Honors Program as a student and an employee was a great influence on her choices after graduation.

Hai Yan Chen graduated from Emory & Henry in 2013 with a degree in International Studies and Business with a concentration in Asian Studies. She also completed a minor in Mandarin. Hai Yan is now pursuing an M.A.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Virginia Tech while also working as a Graduate Assistant in the Virginia Tech Family and Alumni Relations Office. This path of work and study was inspired by her undergraduate experience at E&H and her work as the Assistant Director and Recruitment Coordinator of the E&H Honors Program.

Hai Yan’s favorite hobbies include Zumba, baking, crafting, and occasionally hiking. She says that Emory & Henry left her with many memorable moments in and out of the classroom, but if she had to pick a favorite, it would be staying up late playing games with friends.

To learn more about the E&H Honors Program experience, we asked Hai Yan some questions you might have been wondering.

Q: How did your involvement with the Honors Program influence your overall experience at E&H?
My experience at Emory & Henry was incredible and is what gave me the foundation and drive to pursue a career in Higher Education. The Honors Program curriculum challenged me to design my academic study around my interests and gave me the tools to write my undergraduate honors thesis, which enhanced my overall academic growth. Emory & Henry and the Honors Program supported my personal, academic, and professional learning and development that led me to where I am now.

Q: What advice would you give to first-year Honors Scholars?
Don't be afraid to try something new that's outside of your comfort zone, whether if it's a class, extracurricular activity, or approaching a paper from a completely different perspective. Most importantly, be curious about everything.

Q: Why did you choose to go to graduate school? How did E&H or the Honors Program affect this choice?
I made the decision to pursue a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration a year into my appointment as the Assistant Director and Recruitment Coordinator of the Emory & Henry College Honors Program. I loved the work that I had the opportunity to be involved in around program management, as well as supporting the growth and development of the students. 

Inventive, close-knit, challenging, inspiring, purposeful—these are just a few words that came to mind when I think of the character of the Emory & Henry College Honors Program.
— Hai Yan Chen