Below are various forms and resources for current students in the Honors Program at Emory & Henry College. You will find online Pdf forms that are available to you to print and return to the Honors Program Office (MS 229). There are also online google forms for every form listed below in a folder in your Google Drive that has been shared with you. If you are looking for other forms like the Ampersand Grant Application, Lyceum Proposal, or the Independent Study Application stop by the Honors Office.


The Honors Program Handbook serves as a guide and handbook for both current students and prospective students. Current students can use this handbook to answer questions and navigate aspects of the program, while prospective students can read this handbook to learn more about the program, the benefits that it offers, current Honors Program Scholars, and our alumni.

Honors Contract

Honors Program Scholars complete honors contracts to earn honors credits towards the requirements for the College Honors Diploma.  Usually an Honors contract is attached to a course in the major or an area of strong interest. The work that you propose should include more depth than the work that would be typical in the course. Examples of projects can include the expansion of a traditional course assignment to include more depth, application, and/or hands-on experience; presenting your results at an academic conference; and/or additional assignments to enhance your knowledge of the subject within the course. Honors contracts are usually attached to 300- or 400-level courses, and students are encouraged to complete at least one honors contract course in a field outside the primary major. The faculty member responsible for the course must certify that you have completed the proposed work to their satisfaction, and you must receive a letter grade of B+ or higher to earn Honors credit. Exemplary contracts should benefit both the faculty member and the student as they explore a field of knowledge and find inspiration for further research together, work towards an Honors Project, or lay the foundation for future artistic creations. 

Personal Academic Stipend

Each Honors Program Scholar is entitled to receive at least $2000 from our Personal Academic Stipend Fund to spend on academic needs. Scholars may also apply for additional funds outside of what they receive from the Honors Program to help pay for study abroad, research-related travel, conference attendance, computer or scientific equipment, summer internships or language programs, etc.  If you have any questions about whether or not a proposed expenditure is covered, please consult the fine print on the form or ask the Honors Director.

Remember that you should check your stipend eligibility and honors hours on the summary spreadsheet in your folder on Google drive. 

Honors Cultural Event Application

Wanting to take some of your colleagues to see a play, listen to a concert, visit a museum, or tour a historical site?  You can organize an event or trip through the Honors Program, and we will cover the costs for a group of Honors Program Scholars to join you on a cultural excursion. Use this form to start the planning. The coordinator of the event must fill out this application and include estimated cost per person, a list of interested Honors Program Scholars, and  the estimated travel distance. An example of a student-organized Honors Cultural Event was the Spring 2016 trip to Contra Dancing in Jonesborough, TN.


Research projects the require testing on human or animal subjects requires pre-approval from the Institutional Review Board, a group of faculty members who will consider whether your work meets research standards in the appropriate fields and treats all participants ethically.  This requirement applies to many survey research projects in which students are asked to provide information about themselves that might require privacy.  You can print out the IRB approval form here and should ask the Honors Director or members of the IRB (listed on the form) if you have any questions.  

Honors Project Forms

Every Honors Program Scholar is expected to complete and successfully defend an Honors Thesis or Project.  The following forms will help get you started.  The Honors Project Handbook provides lots of information on the mechanics of the Honors Projects process.  The Application for Honors Project form must be submitted to the CSA during registration in order for you to be registered for a 490 or 491 course.  The Report of Honors Project is the form that completes the process; after you successfully defend your thesis, you should have the Report signed by the required people, attach a signed copy of your cover page, and submit those to the CSA.  Failure to submit the Report in a timely fashion may result in your project not being listed in the graduation program.  

Honors Diploma Graduation Audit

If you are planning to earn the College Honors Diploma, you will need to complete an Honors Diploma Graduation Audit.  These are normally completed and submitted with the College Graduation Audit forms in spring semester of the junior year.  Please download and fill out the form linked below, and schedule a meeting with Honors Director to go over your graduation audit.  Honors Program Scholars who do not submit this form risk failing to receive the College Honors Diploma, even if they have met the requirements.  It is your responsibility to get the form completed, approved, signed by the Director, and submitted to the CSA.