His curiosity has helped him cement his knowledge in both his academic and independent endeavors of math, science, and technology.

A double major in mathematics and physics with chemistry minor, Ferris is no stranger to challenges and spends a lot of his free time doing computer programming. Guided by his life long passion for technology and science Ferris is will be seeking a job after graduating in the area of software engineering. As a Senior, Ferris has completed three very successful internships working on projects of software development, Linux engineering, large scale data systems, and data analytics. Though it’s very important to him to find a place in the world where he can contribute to bettering it. Until then, Ferris can be found at programming conferences, reading, shooting photography, cooking, or doing something with computer hardware.

We believe the best way to learn about our Honors Program is from our students. Therefore, we used this opportunity to ask Ferris some questions that you may have been wondering.

Q: What is the Honors Program to you?
A: For me the Honors Program has been an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that is teaming with bright, motivating, and curious people. Whether through a classroom, social, cultural, or other means of experience, the Honors Program provides a place in that I'm proud to be a part of.

Q: What advice would you give to first-year Honors Scholars?
A: Come with a hungry curiosity. The Honors Program offers many challenges, some daunting when you first encounter them, but so long as you remain curious, interested and engaged, you will find ways within you to overcome challenges and grow from the experiences that the Honors Program has to offer.

Q: How did your involvement in the Honors Program influence your overall experience at Emory & Henry?
A: It's given me the power and conviction to push myself and craft my own college experience. There are no cookie cutter tracks or expectations for the Honors Scholars and we are encouraged to seek out our own as we mature through our undergraduate degree. This along with experiences such as the freshman NYC trip have given me a whole new perspective and appreciation of the world and the people in it.

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of the Honors Program?
A: The people in it of course! The Honors Program is a magnet for people who all have fantastic ideas and thoughts on the world. It doesn't matter if I'm collaborating with people in my cohort, eating lunch with one of the Honors faculty members, or hanging out with other Honors students, I continuously find myself being amazed by and loving the ideas that I have the privilege of sharing.

Q: How would you describe the character of the Honors Program?
A: Inspiring. The program inspires its students and looks to them to further inspire one another.