It is our mission to foster young minds and provide our Scholars with resources to do their best work.

Our Scholars serve as leaders, mentors, tutors, volunteers, and much more. We want to use this opportunity to tell you a little about what they have learned and accomplished. At the same time, they will give you advice on what to expect as a first–year Honors Scholar, tell you why they chose Emory & Henry, and offer a little insight into their experiences in the Honors Program.

laken brooks, class of 2017
major: literature

Laken Brooks

Laken is a Senior Honors Program Scholar majoring in Literature and will be graduating with a certificate in secondary English Education. Being the president of the Peer Educators club, a Bonner scholar, and a Supplemental Instructor since her first year at E&H are just a few of the things that Laken is involved in on campus. She aspires to become a professor of literature and being involved in education-building in her future. Although, she is open to whatever these fields might entail like publishing. Self-crafting a minor regarding Gender in Text is also something Laken is pursuing.  Read More →

Alex Cooper, Class of 2017
Majors: Geography, History

Alex Cooper

Alex is a Geography and History double major with intentions of becoming a United Methodist Minister. He is the captain of the varsity cross-country team, a sports broadcaster for the Athletic Department, the vice president of the Hermesian Literary Society, and a member of the Geography Honors Society. In Spring of 2015, Alex spent a semester in Exeter, England to study in their History Department. His advice to high school seniors in regards to choosing the right college is that “comfort and satisfaction at the school you choose will be a defining factor in your overall college experience.” Read More →

Ali Hillman, Class of 2017
Major: Cross–Cultural Psychology

Ali Hillman

Ali is a Senior Honors Scholar with a self–crafted major in Cross-Cultural Psychology. She wants to pursue graduate level research on “the varying cultural approaches to Autism and similar disorders.” She hopes to open a school for students that learn in non-conventional ways, which will include a component of wilderness education in the curriculum. Her advice to First–Year Scholars is “to take risks in discussion and intellectual exploration, as they are provided with such an excellent scaffold for discovery and growth.” Read More →

Catherine Wiedman, Class of 2017
Majors: Mass Communications, Philosophy

Catherine Wiedman

As a Mass Communications and Philosophy double major, Senior Honors Scholar Catherine Wiedman plans to pursue a career as a reporter and editor for a newspaper or news source in a metropolitan area. To Catherine, her favorite experience at Emory & Henry is engaging in conversations with her professors. She said, “Every single time I walk into a professor’s office and just have a long conversation with her or him about our lives, I feel at home. It brightens my world to know that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who truly care about me.” Read More →

Casey Heinlein, Class of 2018
Majors: civic innovation and religion

IMG_8206 edit.jpg

Casey is a Senior Honors Program Scholar who is a double major in Civic Innovation and Religion with a Minor in Math. Driven by her passion to serve, Casey wants to pursue a career in teaching Mathematics at the high school level and hopes to one day own and run a summer church camp. When asked why she chose Emory & Henry, she said, “I wanted to be somewhere where I could serve the community I was in and have fun doing it.”
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Jessica Myer, Class of 2018
Majors: Sociology and mass communications

Jessica Myer

Jessica is a Senior Honors Scholar pursuing a double major in Sociology and Mass Communications. She is passionate about Photography and would like to continue her training and possibly pursue a career in the Photography field. To Jessica, the Honors Program “is an extra academic challenge that allows [her] to grow every day by testing [her] mind. It is also a hardworking group of people who are excited about education, and that is an invigorating environment to be a part of.” Read More →

Marissa Marcus, class of 2019
Majors: Acting and psychology

Marissa is a Junior Honors Scholar with a double major in Acting and Psychology. She has three dreams: she would like to go on to graduate school after E&H to become a practicing clinical psychologist, she wants to hone her craft and become a professional actor, and she wants to live in a world where those two goals could be achieved at the exact same time. Read More →

Katherine Meyers, Class of 2019
Majors: Civic Innovation and Child Studies

IMG_7570 edit.jpg

Katherine is a Junior Honors Scholar who is double majoring in Civic Innovation and a self-crafted major, Child Studies. She is passionate about education and the substantial impact it can have on the trajectory and quality of a child’s life, especially in developing countries. After college, she hopes to pursue this passion internationally by working with nonprofits that give students living in under-resourced countries access to quality education. Read More →

Photos of Casey, Jessica, Marissa, and Katherine are provided by Jessica Myer, '18.