Lesson 1: The professors/faculty have your back!

The professors here at Emory & Henry really do care about students on a personal, social, and academic level.

At the end of my four years here, I look back and reflect on the things I’ve learned, just as every other senior does. We reflect on the good times, the bad times, the hard times, and the fun times - all while trying to finish up classes, making sure the program evaluation is up-to-date and ready for graduation, writing an honors thesis (for those of us brave/crazy enough to wade through the Honors Program), and applying for grad schools/ future jobs. It’s an overwhelming time of the academic career, but it’s one that I am proud to be struggling through. Not only do we have a fantastic faculty at Emory & Henry, but we also have fantastic professors who will be there for you no matter what. For me, this took about two years to realize.

This may sound cliche, but the professors here at Emory & Henry really do care about students on a personal, social, and academic level. To give an example of the academic side of this, Dr. Lane had never been someone of great influence in my life (or so I thought) until I took his History of Political Philosophy course in my sophomore year. Come to find out, he had always known my potential, but it was I who had to realize this for myself. I ended up switching my majors from International Studies to Political Science so that I could work under the tutelage of Dr. Lane and Dr. Coen (another fantastic professor).

The personal aspect - my brother broke both of his arms during my sophomore year, and this was something I mentioned in passing to Dr. Lane during one of the times I babysat. For the next several weeks as my brother healed, Dr. Lane continued asking how my brother was doing and how we were coping with it as a family. He truly had become a mentor to me as I struggled with life happenings such as this one.

And finally, the social. To give an example beyond that of Dr. Lane, I was put in connection with a member of the Board of Trustees for the College, and I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Brussels, Belgium and shadow the Vice President for Government Affairs of Johnson & Johnson. This member worked tirelessly to get me this opportunity and to make sure that I had a good experience during my trip in Belgium. I had been studying in France for the past three months and was anxious about getting to spend time with someone from my home country. As soon as we met in Brussels, he went above and beyond my expectations for hospitality. I felt as if we had known each other for years, as he helped me navigate my time in Brussels. Of course, this connection was made through the close ties that are made at Emory. “Emory born, Emory bred.”

After my four years here, I have come to appreciate the connections and support continually surrounding me from faculty and professors. It is definitely unique to Emory and something that has made this whole experience worth it from the very beginning. Stay tuned for a post on the second lesson I’ve learned here at Emory - “Go For It.”

BY: Kaitlyn McNabney '15

Photo description: Kaitlyn McNabney enjoys a conversation with Dr. Joe Lane (Honors Program Director) in front of Miller Hall. This was captured by Jessica Myer