Surviving Senior Year: An Open Letter to Future Emory & Henry Students


Dear Future Emory & Henry Student,


I know how youre feeling. Senior year has just begun and your calendar is already filled with scholarship application deadlines, FAFSA reminders, and college admissions interviews. Your plate feels overloaded because, quite frankly, it is.

Senior year is going to be one of the best yet stressful years of your life. Trying to find a balance between tying up the loose ends of high school and starting the new, exciting journey to college is hard. Its ok to feel apprehensive about the future. High school has been your home for four years now. Believe it or not, it isn't going to be easy to say goodbye to a place so familiar, a place full of people and experiences that have become a part of you. Even though you might already be counting down the days until graduation, I want you to remember a few things as you wrap up high school.

1. Let your parents love you

   Dont get embarrassed if your mom starts crying for no apparent reason. Your parents are learning to accept the fact that you are no longer their snaggletoothed first grader. Next fall you will be an adult living on your own, even if just for the school year. Let your parents hug you longer and take a few extra pictures. Even though it might feel annoying at times, you will miss those tight hugs once you get to college.

2. Try new things

    If you havent been to one of your high schools football games, go to at least one. This is your last year to enjoy the social scene of high school. Go to different sporting events. Join new clubs. Take advantage of what your school has to offer, even if only for a year.

3. Stop and breathe

    Dont let the stress of applying for college make your senior year miserable. Take time to breathe. I promise that you will make it to the finish line, but even marathon runners have to take a rest every once in a while.

4. Dont let senioritis affect your studies

    I know youre already feeling done with high school. However, you still have a few months to go. Its easy to stop putting forth your best effort in your schoolwork. Dont let that happen. Stay determined to keep your grades up. Your grades from senior year will follow you to college. Take advantage of the lessons you are being provided. Your teachers deserve respect, and you deserve a wealth of knowledge to help you in college.

5. Enjoy the lasts

  You will encounter a plethora of lasts this year. The last first day of high school, the last time you will walk the halls of your school as a student, the last time you see some of your friends from high school forever. Stop and fully experience these moments. For four years, they have been part of your everyday routine. Next year, they will only be memories. Make your lasts count.

But most importantly:

6. Dont forget about your future

    Yes, it is important to enjoy your last year of high school. However, it is equally important that you dont forget those scholarship application deadlines, FAFSA reminders, and college admissions interview dates. Get a personal agenda and keep track of your schoolwork and social events. Setting and keeping a schedule will make balancing social time and study time easier. It also sets a foundation for success once you actually get to college. Being organized and prioritizing now will save you from cramming the night before a big exam in college. Fully engage in your last year of high school experiences, but not at the expense of your future.

I know how youre feeling. Youre excited, scared, stressed, and relieved all at the same time because high school is almost over. Youve made it this far, and thats something to be proud of. Remember to fully live your senior year. College is going to be a new, exciting time in your life. But for now, enjoy the small pleasures of high school. You only get one high school senior year. Make it the best year yet.

With love,

An Emory & Henry College Freshman


By: Landie Maness '20