Where in the world are they now?

Did you know more than half of Emory & Henry's Honors Program Scholars spend a semester abroad?  

There are six Honors Program Scholars from the Class of 2018 studying in Europe this semester.  Read about the adventures of Emily, Jessica, Casey, Sara, Bailey, and Jake (in Ireland, Italy, Wales, Spain, England, and Ireland - respectively) . 

Links to their blogs

http://wheredasquadat.weebly.com/      Emily (Ireland), Jessica (Italy), Casey (Wales), Sara (Spain), Bailey (England)

http://jakeacrossthepond.weebly.com/    Jake (from Ireland, not State Farm)


And stay tuned for updates from Kacy (France), Holly (Argentina) and Xavier (Ecuador) in the Spring semester.

Final plans are being formed for Emory Abroad courses that will send more than twenty Honors Program Scholars to Greece, Sweden, and Cuba in May as well.  

Where do you want to go?

Banner photo provided by Jake Caudill '18