Emory & Henry Under the Sorting Hat

The ultimate question is this: into what Hogwarts house would the Emory & Henry campus fall were it to be placed under the Sorting Hat?

I didn’t want to give myself the total power of choosing without other input, so I researched an online quiz with questions that I thought would best become an accurate answer (the link is below if you want to take it yourself). I also recruited a small committee of my friends who each took the quiz without knowing my answers or results to triple–check. Here are a few of the most telling questions and the answers that we chose:

What’s the one thing that really makes you angry?

The answer choices for this query included “other people getting in your way,” the incorrect use of your and you’re, bad manners, and social injustice. For this campus, I chose social injustice, though I think that incorrect grammar is a close second place. There are many people at Emory & Henry dedicated to educating others on social issues and to instigating change.

Which quality do you admire most in others?

Overall, the group was split on this one between inspiration and kindness. I really don’t think it matters which one you pick, though, because how could either be bad? I am certainly inspired by many of the people at this school, and I have witnessed an unimaginable amount of kindness while here from students, staff, faculty, visitors—actually, this whole campus is kind.

You’re in the cafeteria and there’s a long line at the sandwich counter. What do you do?

The entire group chose to stand in line and chat with the people around you for this one, which is exactly what happens every afternoon in the sandwich line. Everyone knows everyone here on campus, and conversations can pop up between anyone at any time. It’s one of the most connective aspects of Emory & Henry. Remember that when the line runs out of hummus, the “sandwich queen” will happily make you a stellar grilled cheese!

What’s your idea of a good vacation?

The answers were divided on this one between a climbing holiday in the mountains and visiting European museums. That’s fair because both would be so cool! Much of campus enjoys the outdoors and the possibilities for adventure that the surrounding areas offer, and nearly everyone either studies abroad or participates in short class trips across the pond. Either way, horizons would be expanded and the people on this campus would jump at the opportunities.

And the final result?

Hufflepuff! I know, it’s the one people disregard, the written–off house that isn’t defined by some heroic characteristic, but the summary the quiz provided is so accurate that you can’t dispute the choice (and honestly, aren’t selflessness and teamwork heroic in their own sense?). I shortened this a bit, but if you take the quiz for yourself, you can read the entire thing.

You’re the kind of nice that takes an active role in civic affairs. The kind of nice that picks up litter off the sidewalk and puts it in the trash. You and your fellow housemates are the sort of reliable, trustworthy people who would spend their own birthdays manning a soup kitchen and joining a protest march, before settling down to a communal meal in which everyone has brought a lovingly-prepared dish. There is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve, provided everyone is prepared to muck in and lend a hand.

So what do you think?

Current students, where would you sort our campus? Prospective students, is the idea of joining this community strengthened by our Hufflepuff nature? No one ever disliked the Hufflepuffs, and they ended up being wise leaders and exceptional community members (which is very similar to this campus, by the way). If you think we should be in a different house, why?

BY: Jessica Myer ’18