What is so special about Emory & Henry?

We asked students across campus what is so special about Emory & Henry and here are their answers…

One of the questions that students ask during their visits to Emory & Henry is “what is something that makes Emory & Henry special and that others outside of the campus don’t know about?” This question is both tough and easy to answer. Tough in the sense that there are so many ways to answer this question and it may take days to describe exactly how special Emory & Henry is to all of us to someone outside of campus. This question is also easy to answer because there are so many special things about Emory & Henry. Here are some of our students’ answers…

“We’re Emory born and Emory bred and when we die we’ll be Emory dead.” Upon entering campus on move-in day, the very first thing you learn is the Emory & Henry fight song. Then you will probably spend the next few days laughing at the “Emory dead” part, and wondering why that’s a thing. But by the end of orientation, you start to realize that, by coming to Emory & Henry, you have chosen to be a part of one of the best, and most influential communities. The people are what make this campus such a wonderful place to be. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone cares about everyone. It’s the people that really matter. This fantastic group of humans is Emory. Not the buildings, or the location (although that does add to its greatness), but the individuals working together to change the world. We are Emory & Henry and because of this, yes, when we die, we’ll be Emory dead. —Sara Foster, Freshman

Emory & Henry has become my second home. From the moment I stepped onto this campus, I fell in love with its beauty. Not only are the people here extremely friendly and always willing to help, but the professors really challenge you and actually care about you. —Leigh Ann Hartless, Junior

This campus has always spoken to me as a refuge of creativity; it has allowed me to hone my passions in a way that encourages me to expand my experiences past my comfort zone. Every day, I have the pleasure of interacting with students and professors who are both similar and vastly different from myself, and every day I find myself learning. Oftentimes, I return to my dorm room a much different person than when I left to go to classes in the morning because I am guided by those around me to reevaluate my own perceptions about the world, about others, and about myself. I will always be grateful for this educational experience that I am sure that I would not have been able to obtain anywhere else but Emory & Henry College. —Laken Brooks, Sophomore

When I think about all the reasons I chose Emory & Henry one always sticks out more than others and that is the feeling of being “home” every time I enter the campus. It’s like you’re suddenly a part of this giant family and you never want to leave. —Oksana Davis, Freshman

The atmosphere of Emory & Henry is welcoming and wonderful. The reason I came here is because the atmosphere was pleasant and nice. Emory & Henry is a campus full of loving people. Although we all are different and diverse, we still embrace each other with an open mind and heart. I love this campus and could not imagine being anywhere else. —Taequan Kates, Junior

Emory & Henry is where you are encouraged to be yourself and where everybody is okay with that. EHC is a great place to get to know everyone and know them well. Its a great breeding ground for you to create who you will be. —Kelsey Hubbard, Sophomore

When I think back on decisions that have come to change my life, perhaps the most prominent was my decision to come to Emory & Henry. Since attending, I have arguably turned my life around in nearly every way. Before, I was an uninvolved introvert that did not see himself doing much with himself, but Emory & Henry awoke the drive within me to strive for more; to look into myself and see that not only was I capable of more, but that I could push myself to be the change I wanted to see. Since then, I have become an integral member of nearly over 15 groups on campus, both social, honors, and interest, making many friends and doing the best I can to inspire those who come after me; to help them reach their potential, both for themselves and for the community at large. Emory & Henry has become my home and heartland and I could not be more happy than I have been over the past years spent here. I love this college sincerely. —Scott Greene, Senior

I appreciate the variety of academic disciplines (Liberal arts education) at E&H. I think professors know more than their field of study because they teach core classes, such as transitions, ETLA, connections, etc...I can train and develop the insight to see one thing from different angles and perspectives. —Marika Katanuma, Sophomore

Emory & Henry to me has become home and the people family. Life here isn’t always the easiest and despite the efforts of some we still as people drive each other crazy but in my time here Emory & Henry has become a home and a place of comfort. Is it hard? Sure. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Those who forget how amazing this place is need only to watch the sunrise one morning to see how lucky we are to be here. —Jared Oliver, Senior

BY: Jessica Myer ‘18

Photo Description: Eli (right) helps Jarrett (left) with his Honors Diploma Medallion before the 167th Commencement on May 9, 2015.