All students who want to apply to the Honors Program must first apply to Emory & Henry College. Upon being admitted into Emory & Henry, those students who are identified as potential candidates are invited to Scholarship Day to interview for the Honors Program. Admissions decisions are made based on an interview process, and all students must interview. 

Each year, we only admit up to 26 First–Year Honors Scholars. Due to the limited slots, submit your college application before November 6th so that you can interview on November 18th. Students who apply early will find out whether or not they have been awarded a top merit scholarship by no later than December 15th. The number of slots available on February 3rd will depend on the response rate of December offers.

If you are unable to attend in person on either one of the Scholarship & Audition dates, a Skype interview can be arranged. Please make sure to contact your admissions counselor, or call the Honors Program Office at 276.944.6266. 


Important Dates

To Be Determined
Honors Preview Day 1

To Be Determined:
Honors Preview Day 2

November 15:
Early Action I Deadline
Students who want to interview for the Honors Program in the Fall must apply before this date. 

To Be Determined: 
Boston Roadshow

November 18: 
Fall Scholarship Day

January 15: 
Early Action II Deadline
Students must apply before this date in order to interview for the Honors Program on Spring Scholarship Day in February.

February 3: 
Spring Scholarship Day


The photograph above is provided by Ferris Ellis, Class of 2016.