Dr. Joseph H. Lane, Honors Program Director 
jhlane@ehc.edu - 276.944.6675

Joseph H. Lane, Honors Program Director

I started my academic career in a small liberal arts honors program, and it changed my life. That undergraduate experience has shaped the books I read, the questions that I ask, and my commitment to teaching others. I have taught political science, political philosophy, law, and general studies courses at Emory & Henry since 2000, and before arriving here, I taught at Harvard, Hampden-Sydney (my alma mater), and Bowdoin College. Along the way, I have taught traveling courses in New York City, Paris, Brussels, Frieburg (Germany), and Greece, and I have served as an advisor on over forty honors theses and projects. My research and teaching interests are focused on classical political thought and literature, the writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau, American political thought, and political environmentalism, but I am willing to teach almost any course that involves good books. In addition, I love riding my bikes, hiking, and traveling, but most of all, I love my girls – Grace (9), Miriah (7), and Julie (age withheld). 

Dr. Scott Boltwood, Stuart Professor of English
sboltwoo@ehc.edu - 276.944.6783
Honors Steering Committee, Honors Transitions Seminar, Fulbright Fellows Advisor

Scott Boltwood, Stuart Professor of English

I have taught in Emory & Henry’s English department since 1996; I have also been rigorously involved with general education on many levels. Academically, my focus is on contemporary British and Irish literature, and I have broad experience teaching and researching in Ireland. While I don’t have more than the usual experience with Nihilism, I have thought around Emptiness a bit: I completed the FPMT’s Foundation of Buddhist thought program and currently confront Zen every week as part of my ongoing aikido study.

Dr. Adam Wells, Assistant Professor of Religion
awells@ehc.edu - 276.944.6150
Honors Foundations I Seminar

Adam Wells, Assistant Professor of Religion

I am an Assistant Professor of Religion and Director of Foundations I at Emory & Henry College. I received my Ph.D. in Religion from the University of Virginia (2012), my M.A.R. in Biblical Studies from Yale Divinity School (2007), and my B.A. in Philosophy (with honors) from Wake Forest University (2001). My main scholarly interests are the theological and philosophical traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. My work focuses on phenomenological approaches to Abrahamic scriptures.

Dr. Mark Finney, Assistant Professor of Mass Communications
mfinney@ehc.edu - 276.944.6889
Honors Steering Committee, Honors Transitions Seminar 

Mark Finney, Assistant Professor of Mass Communications

My research strives to combine the insights and methodologies of conflict theory and mass communication theories into a broad approach for understanding international conflict and the relationship between conflict and media. My teaching is interdisciplinary and focuses on news writing, media theory, conflict analysis, and media literacy. I employ an interactive and inclusive approach to the classroom, which emphasizes active learning and student engagement.

Dr. Melissa Taverner, Associate Professor of Biology
mtaverner@ehc.edu - 276.944.6775 

Melissa Taverner, Associate Professor of Biology

I graduated from Randolph–Macon College in 1984 with a major in Biology and minors in Chemistry and English. After earning my Master of Science degree from the University of Reading in 1985, I was employed as laboratory/research manager in the Cancer Center of the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center for three years before entering the doctoral program in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia from which I graduated in 1992. My dissertation examined numerous factors that affect the population dynamics of a phytophagous pest of deciduous trees and its endemic viral pathogen, the nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV). I currently serve as chair of the Division of Natural Sciences and have been a faculty member in the Biology Department at Emory & Henry College since 1994.

Dr. Christy Fleet, Associate Professor of Biology
cfleet@ehc.edu - 276.944.6244
Honors Transition I Seminar, Honors Foundations II Seminar 

Christy Fleet, Associate Professor of Biology

I completed my Ph.D. in Biology at Duke University, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship teaching writing and argumentation to first-year students. My research focuses on understanding how plants regulate specific genes to control growth hormone levels for proper development. I enjoy working with students who are curious, open-minded and eager to learn, and I look forward to the different perspective students bring to the class.


Dr. Kelly Bremner, Assistant Professor of Theatre
kbremner@ehc.edu - 276.944.6901
Honors Steering Committee

Kelly Bremner

I am an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Emory & Henry College.  In addition to directing for the Main-stage, I teach classes in directing, devised and applied performance, and Theatre History.  I have a B.A. in Music and English from William Smith College and a Ph.D. in Theatre Studies from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a research focus on the utopian impulses behind interdisciplinary performance. My current research comes in the form of being a developing director with a particular interest in creating new plays that push traditional boundaries, such as Across a Distance which combines deaf performance with operatic singing (premiered 2010), and Unearthed (premiered 2013) a work about the Blue Ridge Mountains which blends bluegrass, opera and musical theatre with local concerns and content. Both of these feature music by Scott Gendel, and book/lyrics by Nick Lantz.

Dr. Teena Carroll, Chair and Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics
ccarroll@ehc.edu - 276.944.6200
Honors Steering Committee

Teena Carroll

I graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with high honors. I went on to get a Master of Science degree at University of Nebraska–Lincoln and a Doctorate of Philosophy at Georgia Institute of Technology. (I find it endlessly amusing that I officially have degrees in art, science and philosophy). I study graphs and partially ordered sets, looking primarily at enumerative and probabilistic problems. I have been working with two Honors Scholars at Emory & Henry studying Egyptian Fractions, a number system which dates to 3000BC. I am interested in Inquiry Based Learning and other methods where students are active in the classroom.  

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